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A study about Chinese-American business leaders

I am a doctoral student of international business and I am conducting the study “The Rapid Rise of Chinese Transformational Leadership: The Model for the Contemporary Chinese Business Leaders” to investigate the relationship between acculturation and leadership styles of Chinese business leaders. The updated study will be evaluating only Chinese (born in China) business leaders (at any Supervisory or Managerial position)living and working in the USA.

By volunteering to take part in this study, participants will greatly contribute to the understanding of Chinese business leaders and the valuable lessons on leadership provided in a world-class environment. Furthermore, the findings and conclusions of this study will facilitate trust and confidence in business relations and negotiations, support international leadership training programs that aim to overcome cultural barriers in the work place, and contribute to the art of leading in a global context.

Participants, will sign a letter of informed consent and then complete two surveys on-line, this should take approximately 30 min. Then participate in a face-to-face or telephone, tape recorded interview (one hour). The interview will be held at a time and location of participant’s convenience. A copy of the interview questions will be sent to participants, to review the questions prior to the interview.

As another benefit of taking part in this research, participants will receive a free personalized package containing actionable developmental information regarding leadership from the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire ($25 dollar value).

Participant’s identity will not be revealed; any information obtained during this study that could identify participants will be kept strictly confidential. If participants would like a copy of the completed research, I will gladly provide it.

Can you be kind and forward this letter to the members that would be interested in participating.

Thank you for your time, attention, and confidence in Chinese culture and leadership studies. I am hoping very much for a favorable reply and hearing from the members of US-China Peoples Friendship Association soon.

Liana C Sáenz

Doctoral Candidate- Argosy University, Florida USA


Telephone: USA 1(407) 276 0846